We deliver exhibition stands in all sizes

We deliver exhibition stands in all sizes

We build exhibition stands both big and small for fairs all over Scandinavia. It gives you the freedom to order anything from a simple starter kit to a huge custom designed stand.

Functional and intriguing exhibition stands

Why a Trade Show Booth?

A trade show booth is a space at an exhibition where you can meet your customers. The booth should have a polished and professional appearance to attract customers. The core of any booth is its visual appeal and a clear message, so that customers understand what to expect and, most importantly, are eager to engage with you. Those who invest effort into their booth also reap greater rewards.

Exhibition Booth Equipment – Large and Small Packages

The most important aspect of a trade show booth is highlighting your brand and having a practical area to carry out the activities you desire at the exhibition. Therefore, the booth must be functional and meet your needs as an exhibitor.

Here are some equipment suggestions:

High tables
Rolled carpet (or specialty flooring, if desired)

All these elements together make up the entire booth. To simplify your choices, we offer both large and small packages for trade show booths, so you don’t have to worry about what to choose. Regardless of size, our packages include exhibition carpet, power supply, lighting, brochure stands, a high table, and chairs. Larger booth packages also include a counter as part of the starter package, and for more extensive booths, we provide expanded packages.

Getting Started with Compass Fairs

Many individuals contemplating purchasing trade show booth equipment wonder if it can be reused the following year or at another exhibition with a similar theme. This is entirely possible with us! Compass Fairs prioritizes reuse and environmental sustainability, so we have effective solutions for repurposing the same equipment for future occasions.

Setting up a trade show booth requires careful planning and project management. Everything must run smoothly to achieve an optimal result. We have extensive experience and the expertise needed to create successful trade show booths. Meeting deadlines is never a question for us, as we are accustomed to solving the challenges that arise along the way. Did you know that we supply booth equipment to exhibitions all across Europe?

Please feel free to reach out to our project managers for advice and tips!

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