Environmental policy

Compass Fairs AS has a responsibility as a leading company in the trade fair and event industry with regards to health, climate, and the environment. Together with our employees, suppliers, and other partners, we will create value and innovation in society through close collaboration, ensuring that we are sustainable while also focusing on health, environment, and safety.

Our operations should have a pleasant and safe working environment for all employees, and all employees should have the opportunity to further develop themselves. At Compass Fairs, we work towards the vision of “Together we make it possible,” and this also applies to each employee’s potential for development. We will comply with the authorities’ and our own requirements to prevent burdens on the external environment. Both management and employees shall actively contribute to the improvement work.

Compass Fairs is a company that focuses on health, environment, and safety and strives to do the best for all parties concerning these three focus areas.

Compass Fairs’ environmental work is based on the UN’s sustainability goals; https://www.fn.no/om-fn/fns-baerekraftsmaal.
We have identified four goals that we want to focus on specifically:



We follow up on these sustainability goals by:

  • Working systematically to prevent damage and through a focus on safety
  • Encouraging employees to exercise, including participating in the Holmenkollstafetten
  • Encouraging physical activity among employees
  • Striving to ensure that our products do not contain environmentally and health-harmful chemicals and consider the use of substitution products where possible
  • Offering employees influenza vaccines
  • Ensuring that ergonomic aids are available


  • Equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender
  • Striving to increase the percentage of women in the company
  • Striving to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions


  • Striving to ensure fair working conditions and respect for human rights throughout the value chain
  • Offering accessible courses and continuing education and apprenticeships to those who wish
  • Accepting apprentices where possible
  • Collaborating with NAV to facilitate the hiring of practice candidates
  • Encouraging employees to further educate themselves and providing career opportunities within the company


  • Sorting waste
  • Reusing products where possible
  • Keeping the office, workshop, and warehouse clean and tidy
  • Maintaining an organized and updated substance register that employees have access to
  • Repairing parts or using used parts where possible instead of buying new ones
  • Focus on energy-saving in operations
  • Automatic extinguishing of lights at given times, as well as at night
  • Closing gates, doors, and windows
  • Nighttime temperature reduction
  • Choosing products and tools with good quality and long lifespan. Repairing what is possible to fix instead of buying new ones.