Floors have many features

Floors have many features

A floor should be comfortable to walk on. It must be durable and easy to keep clean. In addition, it has an extra important function when it comes to exhibition stands: The floor binds the visual experience of the stand together, providing a clear delineation.

Let us help you find the best choice for your stand. Take a look at our large selection, or contact us for tips and advice.
The floor must match the rest of the stand, reinforcing a sense of coherence. We offer various materials: Carpets,
Rubber, Vinyl, Parquet/Laminate and Artificial turf.
Let the floor become an important part of your company’s visual profile.

Carpet tiles

With carpet tiles, you get a practical solution where smaller parts can be replaced whenever necessary. Available in light and dark gray.
Advantage: Carpet tiles absorb noise, are comfortable and provide the opportunity to create patterns / zones on the floor.

Carpet on a roll

We have carpet on a roll in all the colors of the rainbow. Choose between two editions:
Expostyle – a thin and cost effective carpet
Expolux – a thick quality carpet providing an exclusive feeling.
Advantage: Solid carpets are sound-absorbing, comfortable and underline the profile impression.

Parquet / laminate

Parquet is timeless, stylish and gives the stand an exclusive feeling. Each rod has a unique pattern, making the floor an important element of the profile. Choose material and colours that are in line with the rest of the decor elements.
Wood floors reinforce the overall impression.
Advantage: Natural, classic and exclusive.

Custom floors

Our custom floors are made exclusively for you. Among other things, we offer raised flooring with edge strips. It gives the stand an exclusive feel. Raised flooring is also convenient since cables can be hidden below the floor. We also print carpets in every conceivable motif, e.g., with a logo or our own design. Find out what we can create together!

Other floors

The floor should match the rest of the stand and create an overall impression. That is why we also offer other materials such as rubber and vinyl floors in several colors as well as artificial grass. Advantage: Comfortable to walk on, durable, high water resistance and sound-absorbing properties.

Event floor

A practical and durable plastic floor that covers up to 10.000 m2. The floor can be laid on most surfaces, e.g. artificial turf pitches outdoors or inside a hall. The system is flexible and easy to install. Light gray design with an exclusive touch. Withstands very high point load. We transport and assemble / disassemble the floor for your event.

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