Compass Fairs is Eco-Lighthouse certified

At Compass Fairs we are concerned with sustainability, and we are constantly working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. It involves comprehensive and systematic work with measures in areas such as purchasing, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics. 
In 2020, we received the visible proof of our efforts, when we received our Eco-Lighthouse certification. As an approved Eco-Lighthouse company, we have taken important steps on the road to a green and sustainable future.
Being Eco-Lighthouse certified, we also contribute to achieving several of the UN’s sustainability goals. A sustainable future needs concrete action and a joint effort from both the business community, the authorities and consumers!
Through easily-implemented, concrete, relevant and profitable (in the widest sense: local, regional, global) measures, we can improve our environmental performance, control our environmental impact and prove our dedication to corporate responsibility.
Now we will continue our work to achieve greener purchasing, lower energy consumption, smarter transport, less waste and a better working environment.
About the Eco-Lighthouse certificate
The Eco-Lighthouse (ELH) is a recognized and valuable tool for authorities and for small, medium-sized and large enterprises in the quest for sustainability and increased eco-efficiency. The certification scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental system, with nearly 6700 valid certificates. Read