General regulations

1. General

Ignorance of these rules does not exempt the exhibitor for any responsibility or liability of any kind. The exhibitor is responsible for the personnel to assemble, disassemble and staff the stand is familiar with these regulations content.

2. Outdoor stands

Outdoor stands are marked with stakes at the corners and links between these. Inside each stand is a bar with booth number. This sign shall be clearly visible during the exhibition. Stand Number to be delivered organizer for the exhibition. The reason is mainly grassland or gravel.

Exhibitors wishing to pounce ground rods or drill holes, can do this under the following conditions:

  • Ground pegs and holes must not penetrate deeper into the ground than 0.5 m.
  • That the diameter of the hole is at most 15 cm.

Drainages, telecommunications and electrical cables can be damaged if objects penetrated deeper than 0.5 m. The exhibitor is responsible for all damage caused to property by use of ground rods.

Organizer reserves the right to set up poles and wires lay in dividing the booths.

3. Inside stands - open stand - uoppbygget

These stands are not built with walls or facia by the organizer, but are to be constructed entirely by the exhibitor. Exhibitors must be aware that neighboring stands with common border can build their walls into this.

4. Inside stands - with walls - edification

Wall Stand is a stand with one or two sides open. These stands are the organizer built with side and back walls. The organizers also set up standard front dragons (Ladle section. 6). Maximum dekorasjons- and building height is 2.50 meters.

5. Wall systems

Partition and rear walls consist of white fiber plates inserted into a frame system of aluminum profiles. The system is built over 1 m modules. Light opening between the aluminum profiles are 96 x 241.6 cm, Sheet sizes are 97.6 x 243.6 cm. Overall height of standard partition is 250 cm.

Decorations, texts, etc. may be attached to the plate in such a way that this is not damaged. It must not be nailed or screwed in the plate. Tape may be used, provided this is removed after the exhibition. Any remaining tape is removed at the exhibitor's expense. For hanging heavier objects can special screws or hooks provided for attachment to aluminum profiles.

Plates with damage in the paint will be repaired at the exhibitor's expense. Plates with nicks or ugly screw marks etc. must be replaced by an exhibitor.

To wall system is available as a plethora of special equipment. Further information is available on Compass Messer's info stand.

6. Front drager

Exhibitors set up organizer standard front dragons. It consists of 2 pieces. 7 cm wide aluminum profile with white plate in between. There will be opportunity for advertising text / company etc. Aluminium girder will serve as support for lighting mm Heavier items can not be hung in aluminum girder without additional reinforcements. Open stander: at these booths can be used facia that matches the other a stand. Event Sketch assumed submitted in advance.

7. The floor

The floor of the exhibition hall can be covered by carpets, linoleum, etc., but it is forbidden to glue the floor covering or painting the floor. Tape on the floor must be removed by the exhibitor. Fixing the equipment or decoration elements in floors, walls or ceilings is not permitted.

At entry and removal of goods must be exercised extreme caution. The floors must be protected against oil spills, chemicals, paint, etc. Any damage caused to the halls or building interiors, exhibitors shall promptly reported to the organizer. All damage will be repaired at the expense of the exhibitor.

8. Stand sketch / Building permits

tand sketch for college sent to the organizer for approval within the set deadline (see deadlines). The sketch, which should be targeted, should show plan and elevation views of the planned stand and show the use of any fascia boards. Stand sketch is approved if the organizers fail to contact you.

Mounted equipment that is not approved by the organizer or excluded on the stand sketch may exhibitor ordered to dismantle and remove this. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that structures on the stand is properly dimensioned and possibly apply for a building permit. Exhibitors may lose their right to build their state if sketches and license required absence.

9. Futures

Assembly and disassembly times (see deadlines) must be observed in order not to impede the progress of the event. Exceeded the prescribed assembly and dismantling times, the exhibitor must be prepared to pay additional costs and / or damages caused. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that equipment on its stand is removed during the dismantling period. This also applies to equipment that is sold to third parties.

After the end of disassembly gets out area and halls cleared and any remaining equipment removed at the exhibitor's risk.

Orders that come in after the scheduled deadline (see the schedule) will be charged with 25% mark for the prevailing rates.

Orders that come in later than 48 hours before opening be charged with 50% mark-up and will be taken in the order they come in (no guarantee to be executed before the opening).

10. Complaints

Any claims for non-delivery of organizer / subcontractor must be done in exhib-ling time.

11. Electric light and power

Regulations (ref. Act of 240529, Kgl. Res of 050 265) says that all notifiable works (including temporary facilities on stander) shall be made by a licensed electrician, and that your installer performing the work shall be employed by the competent installation company. For an electrician may seem, it requires authorization by CM.

Foreign or other electrical engineers can not perform installation work unless they are employed by the installer and authorized by Lysverket in that supply area. Prefabricated construction carried out by a qualified electrician and according to current regulations in the place the show is organized, can be approved. Equipment, etc. shall be approved in accordance with Norwegian Electric Materialkontrolls (NEMKO) regulations. Plants that do not meet these requirements will not be able to count on being associated with the exhibition mains. Distribution facility is 230 V 50 periods, 1 - and 3-phase alternating current.

Adjacent to the exhibition's installations and performances of lines of objects can only be made by the exhibition's regular contractor and will be charged exhibitor. The exhibition's regular contractor is also responsible for ensuring that only approved materials be associated exhibition electrical installations.

12. Phone

Phone stands must be ordered by the exhibitor at Telenor.

13. Gas

Storage and use of gas on the stand must be made according to regulations. Applications should be submitted Compass Messer as.

14. Spedisjon

Exhibitors must notify the exhibition goods requiring forklift or crane by submitting a separate form for such assistance (see deadlines).

Notice with information about

  • Shipping
  • Estimated arrival date
  • The number of packages
  • Weight

Should be sent to the exhibition forwarding agent immediately. Forwarder placing the packages on the stand. To ensure rapid dispatch of the goods, it is important that the packages labeled with the exhibitor's name and stand number.

Forwarder note that there will be significant savings for the exhibitors if the sending of dutiable goods used ATA - carnet. Avoiding deposition of toll payment and clearance will be substantially easier.

Chamber of Commerce at the place of providing complete briefing on the provisions for using ATA - carnet and issuing this.

15. Break

Because of the difficult traffic conditions in assembly time, it is very important that exhibitors will exhibit goods until the earliest possible. The last few days before the opening must expect queues for delivery and thus increased difficulties and costs for exhibitors.

Driving the cars inside the halls is not permitted.

16. Customs clearance

  • For goods to be in the country, the following documents accompany the transport documents: Invoice in 2 copies, where appropriate certificate. The invoice should be listed mark, number of packages, description of goods (preferably with Brussels nomencla-tour's number), gross and net works and the value of each commodity.
  • For goods to be returned to the sender country must despatch papers proforma invoice in 4 copies of the same information as in Section A.
  • For goods that are not returned or given customs within one week (8 days) after the exhibition ends, the exhibitor (or his local representative) even provide the necessary guarantees from this moment will be withdrawn. Moreover, exhibition goods not removed from the exhibition area without customs permission.

17. Storage of packaging

Such storage can be found at the forwarder for the exhibitors have the opportunity to take care of its packaging. Such storage is not permitted on the stands. Special labels for marking of empty storage can be obtained from the carrier.

18. Insurance

Exhibitors must meet all necessary insurance for damage to their own goods, and for possible liability for damage to third party person or property.

Promoter is not liable for damage to or loss of the exhibitor's property.

19. Delivery to stand / driving

Delivery to stand during the exhibition must, in the interests of the public, in at least ½ hour before the exhibition opens to the public. It will not be allowed inside the driving range outside that period. It is not allowed to have car parked inside the exhibition area during the exhibition. In the exhibition, it is forbidden to remove exhibits or decorative items from the area. If it becomes necessary to make replacement of exhibits, require prior permission from the organizer.

20. Cleaning

In halls arrange for organizer cleaning of common areas, emptying of wastebaskets the booths. Cleaning must exhibitor provide.

At outside area is the exhibitor responsible for all cleaning on their condition.

Cleaning of the stand can be ordered on separate order form (see form 8), and must be paid by the exhibitor.

21. Fire regulations

Below cited provisions relating to stands, pavilions and decorations:

  • Inflammable temporary furnishing, decorations and carpets must be fireproofed.
  • Flammable film and other ilds hazardous materials must not be stored or used on the premises without special permits.
  • Combustible waste or other flammable items must be stored only in places approved by the CM.
  • Smoking and use of fire and flame in the premises is prohibited.

Fabric roof and fabrics stretched directly on walls must be impregnated with an approved fire resistant textile. Use of straw, Styrofoam, paper, cardboard, sacking and other inflammable decorative materials are not allowed without special permission.

If in doubt about the interpretation of these regulations, one must - not to risk that the fire will demand the removal - must direct inquiry Compass Messer as.

GASOLINE: It is forbidden to store petrol openly in the showroom.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Exhibitors are required to inform themselves about where extinguishers and escape routes are.

Fire service requires a written declaration from each exhibitor / stand concerning fire regulations.

22. Fire impregneringsolja

Exhibitors are responsible for all drug control and fabrics stretched directly on the dividing walls are properly fireproofed.

As an exhibitor is obligated to inform Your decorator and other subcontractors on current fire regulations and to ensure that they are maintained.

23. Food samples

Granting tastings or preparing food at the booths are not permitted on "Make Your Living Better" fairs.

24. Demonstrations

Viewing slides and film, playing the tape, pump equipment, distribution of tastings and demonstrations that cause major congestion, must be notified to the organizer, and will only be allowed if neighbors are not obstructed or disturbed, and assuming normal security regulations and any government permits observed. Such stands must be planned so that there is room for the audience at the stand. At full or partial blockage of times the organizer reserves the right to cancel or time limit demonstrations etc. Use of stands to promote views that fall outside the purpose of the exhibition is not permitted. The use of megaphones or microphones must be approved in advance by the organizer. Distribution of brochures, advertising items, etc. outside own stand is not allowed if there is no written agreement with the organizer.

25. Car Parking

In the exhibition has exhibitors the opportunity to park in the designated place on presentation of card .. Ha card clearly visible to parking attendants so that parking can work quickly and easily. Exhibitors who fail to present short, refer to public parking.